Dubrovnik Hills - Did you know ?

Where is Dubrovnik Hills ?

Dubrovnik does not have a typical hinterland due to its coastline that transforms quickly to hillocks, hills and mountain ranges. Thus Dubrovnik Hills is a term that describes many of the beautiful villages, towns, and places located on the hills, hillocks, and in between, in the valleys, that surround Dubrovnik. Since the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina is so close to Dubrovnik and some of the hills are basically split in half between the two countries some of the places included in the term Dubrovnik Hills are country wise actually located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However as Dubrovnik is the closest city with regards to their geographical location and thankfully to the soft border crossing between the two countries those places most certainly gravitate to Dubrovnik and are an inseparable part of Dubrovnik Hills.

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This web site is provided in order to share and promote the offer of Dubrovnik to the incoming travelers and other persons willing to learn more about what Dubrovnik has to offer in addition to the classic sightseeing of the Dubrovnik Old Town. All accommodation, real estate, and activities are in most part provided by the owners themselves or other approved parties. The goal of Dubrovnik Hills is to give and overwhelming oversight of things worth to do, see, and explore in this particular Dubrovnik Area. In order to present the offer to you in the most practicable way except the information laid out on the site, in some cases, the web site will act as an portal and point you to other sites where appropriate information is provided by a third party. We hope that you will enjoy your stay at Dubrovnik Hills and should you have any suggestions or experiences that you would like to share with us don't hesitate to pursuit our contacts.


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