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Dubrovnik Accommodation

When choosing accommodation in Dubrovnik the traveler is presented with many options and everything is on personal preference.


There are several types of accommodation units in Dubrovnik:


Dubrovnik Hotel accommodation is categorized by stars. Thus there are hotels from two to five stars. The five star hotels being the best and featuring the highest level of service and luxury. Two and three star Dubrovnik Hotels are the average equipped and offer average service while four star hotels offer advance level of service and luxury.


Private accommodation can be split into offer of rooms, apartments, or even whole houses. This type of accommodation is usually located within family houses and the entrance may be separate or common depending on the accommodation unit in question. There is quite a lot of this kind of accommodation in offer and they are commonly cheaper than hotel accommodation or they offer include some unique benefits that may be unavailable in a hotel.


Hostel accommodation is basically the same as private accommodation since there is only one Youth Hostel in Dubrovnik and its service is marked with a two star rating.


Luxury accommodation includes a selection of villas and other exclusive accommodation regardless whether the units are privately or company owned. These villas may even be a part of the hotel establishment.


Whatever your choice, we wish you a wonderful and relaxing stay in your Dubrovnik accommodation.


Ivanica - Apartments with a view of the Adriatic Sea

Houses in Ivanica overlook Zupa valley and the Adriatic seaAlternative to the accommodation in Dubrovnik you may want to look into booking apartments or houses on Ivanica on a much more affordable rate. The trick is that Ivanica is a place on the border only 6 kilometres (5 miles) out of Dubrovnik and you need to cross the border to your accommodation. However border crossing is soft and it takes you only a few minutes to pass the border. As a result of its misfortunate location the accommodation in Ivanica costs only a trace of that what you would pay in Dubrovnik.