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Tours and Sightseeing

  • Dubrovnik Maritime museum

    Maritime Museum in Dubrovnik

  • Dubrovnik City Tours

    Tours of Dubrovnik

  • Arboretum in Trsteno 20km away from Dubrovnik


  • Cable cart from Dubrovnik to Hill Srdj

    Dubrovnik Cable Car

  • Ethnographic Museum Rupe in Dubrovnik

    Ethnographic Museum - "Rupe"

  • Rector's palace in Dubrovnik

    Cultural History Museum

  • Musoleum of the Racic family in Cavtat

    Racic Mausoleum

  • Painting of Dubrovnik In a Storm

    Art Galleries

Dubrovnik Hills - Did you know ?

Sightseeing Dubrovnik

After you settle in your Dubrovnik accommodation the first thing that falls to mind is sightseeing.


You should start your Dubrovnik sightseeing tour by a visit of the walled City Dubrovnik, also called the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

The basic tour of the Old Town will take you at least several hours after which you would get the know your way around the historical Dubrovnik and the main architectural buildings would be a familiar sight to you as well. However due to the amount of architecture and museums located within the centre we recommend you spend the whole day in exploring Dubrovnik Old Town as you will be able to discover many details that a fast tour would simply dismiss.


While in the walled city a visit to Dubrovnik City walls is a must. If you are visiting during summer we recommend you avoid the midday sun by visiting in the morning or late afternoon. The tour of the complete Dubrovnik City walls will take you about two hours and there is almost no sun shelter on the walls.


After the mandatory tour of Dubrovnik Old Town you should proceed by exploring Dubrovnik Hills and discovering beautiful panorama views of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea from magnificent vista spots on hilltops. Your safest bet would be a combination tour that would take you to many panorama sights throughout the countryside to the picturesque town of Cavtat and further east to the Konavle valley.


Should you have time, one day must be allocated to visiting Lokrum, an island just in view of the walled City Dubrovnik.


For those staying longer than few days a sightseeing trip to peninsula Peljesac and the town of Ston is certainly to be recommended. A stop in Arboretum in Trsteno should be planned and a connection trip to the town of Korcula should be considered.


Visit to the National Park at Mljet Island is especially recommended for those who love walking, bicycling, swimming, and exploring as there is plenty of opportunities to enjoy those activities there. The island can be visited by a bus tour from Dubrovnik or via a ferry connection leaving from Dubrovnik's ferry port.


The Elaphite Islands are due next. These islands in Dubrovnik archipelago are best visited via a Three island tour or alternatively named Fish picnic tour.


After you have completed the above tours your next option is to leave the Dubrovnik region and do a small excursion to Neretva valley, Mostar and Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina, or simply spend a day in Montenegro.


However you choose, whatever your interest, Dubrovnik Hills Team wishes you a lovely stay and fun time in exploring Dubrovnik !

"M&R Art" Dubrovnik - Unique Art Deco Jewelry

M&R jewelry in Dubrovnik is unique Art Deco jewelryWorking out of her studio in the back side of her Dubrovnik family home we find our artisan working on a new Art Deco Jewelry collection.

She welcomes us with a smile and introduces us with the process of making jewelry. The whole process is simply amazing as our host demonstrates how the small beads skillfully turn into unique earring and necklaces.

We politely ask where do the ideas for such a magnificent jewelry come from and she answers with a smile: "Love for creation. I simply love creating."