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  • Bosanka is a place on the hillock of the sam name. Bosanka overlooks Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea


  • View of Dubrovnik from Bosanka

    View from Bosanka

  • Hill Srdj overlooks Dubrovnik Old Town

    View from Srdj

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Bosanka - Tranquil beauty close to Dubrovnik

Bosanka is a hill and a small village close to Dubrovnik. Bosanka is located 4 kilometers (2,5 miles) north easterly from the historic center of Dubrovnik.

Village Bosanka near DubrovnikHistorically Bosanka was a transit destination of Dubrovnik Republic caravan trade as the caravans from and to Bosnia used to spend the night in Bosanka before continuing on their journey.

Bosanka is located amidst a wide plateu bounderd by three fortifications of wider Dubrovnik coastal defense system: Fort Imperial on hill Srđ, bastion Delgorgue on Žarkovica, both from 19th century, and fortification Tumba above Brgat Gornji form the time of Dubrovnik Republic. That position is ideal for defense and access control to Bosanka, Dubrovnik, Župa Dubrovačka and Komolac with river Ombla. Thus it was used fior that purpose during the russian-montenegro attack on Dubrovnik in 1806. g., and later 1991. g., during the Croatian Homeland war.

Bosanka is the part of Dubrovnik Astarea since 1323 (Astarea meaning the "land of the fathers")

The name of the village, Bosanka, has its roots back in the 14th century. The name is directly related with the inland caravans to Bosnia, hence the name Bosanka.

Lay man interpretation of the name tells the story of the village girl called Anka who was always going barefoot (in Croatian "Bos"), hence the name BosAnka.

View of Dubrovnik from BosankaIn the village of Bosanka there are several points of interest. The church of St. Savior with cemetary being the most interesting. It is a sacral building from the 15th/16th century.

Furthermore there are several other historical buildings such as abondend summer residence Miloslavić, family farm Lalić, complec Ruskovina, and family complex in village Pulitika, where the house of great painter, colorist, Đuro Pulitika is located.


No 17 bus goes to Bosanka from Pile in front of the historical City Dubrovnik.

Bosanka, near Dubrovnik is a important part of Dubrovnik Hills, and peace and beauty of the villages of Bosanka invites tranquility and pleasure. Clean air, open space, beautiful view of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic sea with hospitable countryside were always a favourite leisure destination of people of Dubrovnik and their guests.


Ivanica, place nearby DubrovnikIvanica

As media attention slowly turns towards this small border-place overlooking Dubrovnik's picturesque Zupa Region the beautiful villas continue to sprout up on the hillock-tops just as the real estate market encounters steady increase in value.