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Real Estate Market in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has been a tough real estate market due to limited space in the city itself for new building construction. However things tend to rise up as new prospecting projects are becoming available for the public investment.


Dubrovnik properties have been a top sell ever since Croatia become and independent country some 20 years ago. Stone houses and quality apartments reached record prices as the world crazed over the beauty of Dubrovnik.

With the recent work economic recession the real estate market slowed down also in Dubrovnik and the prices stooped down easily. A discount for the people with extra money.

However things seem to be looking up as the world is finally exiting the recession and the demand for properties is greater with every day.


As a destination Dubrovnik is becoming more and more popular each year and weekend homes and elite houses and apartments keep sprouting out for those who would like to make Dubrovnik as their home away from home.


European legislation has made it possible and now it is easier than ever to purchase a property overlooking the ever clear and beautiful Adriatic coast.


In things to come we expect to see some interesting properties develop around Dubrovnik !


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Ivanica - Apartments with view of the Adriatic Sea

Houses in Ivanica overlook Zupa valley and the Adriatic seaAlternative to the accommodation in Dubrovnik you may want to look into booking apartments or houses on Ivanica on a much more affordable rate. The trick is that Ivanica is a place on the border only 6 kilometres (5 miles) out of Dubrovnik and you need to cross the border to your accommodation. However border crossing is soft and it takes you only a few minutes to pass the border. As a result of its misfortunate location the accommodation in Ivanica costs only a trace of that what you would pay in Dubrovnik.