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Srđ (Srdj)

  • Hill Srdj overlooks Dubrovnik Old Town

    View of Dubrovnik

  • View to Dubrovnik from Srdj

    Srdj vista point

  • Panorama cafe on Srdj

    Coffee Bar at Srdj

  • Elaphite islands panorama from Srdj

    Srdj panorama

Dubrovnik Hills - Did you know ?

Srdj - The Hill overlooking Dubrovnik

WIth its 512 meters of height above sea level hill Srdj overlooks Dubrovnik with certain idomitable posture.

Atop of Srdj we find Fort Imperial with its stout, defiant, walls standing ever since Napoleon's soldiers built the fort in 1812.

Nowdays Fort Imperial supports a TV tower, a sight as if a space rocket is standing on the hill preparing to shoot for the sky.


From Dubrovnik, there are three ways to reach Srdj, this prominent peak above Dubrovnik:

On foot following the precession path that leads all the way to the 20 meter high procession cross and altar made from Brac stone and located just short of the peak of Srdj. The huge cross is a gift from the island of Brac to Dubrovnik.

With road transport following a narrow road that takes you over Bosanka, all the way to the top.

And with Cable Cart Service that runs from Dubrovnik to Srdj and back.


Srdj hill offers unimaginable sights of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic and sometimes on a clear day you can even see as far as Italy.


Apart from the beautiful view, Fort Imperial hosts The Croatian War of Independence Museum, a coffee bar, and the cable cart station.




Ivanica, place nearby DubrovnikIvanica

As media attention slowly turns towards this small border-place overlooking Dubrovnik's picturesque Zupa Region the beautiful villas continue to sprout up on the hillock-tops just as the real estate market encounters steady increase in value.